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No, our package times are the actual running times that we will be taking photos. Depending on the set up, our team will generally be on site 2 hours before you want us to start and we'll be there for approx 1 hour after for pack down. We want you to get the most bang for your buck! So we don't waste valuable photo session times with setting up.

Most definitely, if you want or need something that’s not mentioned send us a quick email explaining your event requires and we’ll be able to send you a quote.

A closed booth is most often seen in shopping centres and arcade shops. It’s a booth that you can physically walk into and close a curtain usually only with up to four people. The beauty with an open style booth like ours is that there are no walls. You can take a large group of family and friends and stand in front of a back drop and create crazy and beautiful images together. The amount of people that can fit into an open style booth is directly related to how well you can play Tetris.

Usually 1 – 1.5 hours. Don't worry though will have everything setup and ready before your guests arrive.

3x3m2 is the minimum space required.

Please email or phone us so we can get your details and send through a booking form and our terms and conditions.

To book your event and  date we require a $100.00 deposit. This deposit is also non-refundable. Once this deposit is received this will secure your date. The remainder of the balance is required to be paid no later than three weeks prior to the event date.

Please note your date is not secured until the deposit is received.

We accept direct deposit and cheques. These details will be provided on the booking form

You’ve paid a deposit and your events date has changed, no problems! Let us know as soon as possible so we can move your event to the new date.

Please note we can not guarantee your new date will be available

Sure can. Although we require adequate cover at the customers expense to protect the photo booth from the rain and any other elements. We also need close access to 240v power outlet to power the photo booth.

No. It is cool and created by condensation just like the fog you see in nature.

The effect uses dry-ice, which is solid carbon dioxide, dipped into hot water. These are the only two items required to create low-lying fog! There are no chemicals, additives, oils or any other items which may trigger a condition.

No, the fog stays low to the ground, and does not rise above your knees. We have never had an incident where low-lying fog has set off any alarms. We contact your venue prior to clarify.

Marble or similar floors will become slightly damp but unless your first dance involves a tap-dancing number, most floors are totally fine.

No. The fog leaves no residue or smell

If your question was not answered please feel free to choose another method to reach us from our contact form.